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All houses and apartments of France must be equipped with at least one smoke detector.

Initially, smoke detectors should be installed in apartments and houses before March 9, 2015 (and no later than March 8, 2015). However, due to the lack of professional installers and theit high busyness, the new deadline was determined by the législation. Deadline date has been postponed up to January 1, 2016. But by that time the tetectors must be already installed and fixed, not just bought.

In other words, the owner of the accommodation will be deemed to have complied with his legal obligations, provided that: – he will buy a smoke detector or sign a purchase contract before March 9, 2015 – he will install the detector before 1 January 2016.

The detector must be set as high as possible in a place of air circulation or in the corridor leading to the rooms and away from the walls.

The smoke detector must be purchased and installed by the property owner. If the accommodation is already rented, the owner can: – either provide the detector to the tenant, – refund the purchase (in this case, it is up to the tenant to proceed with the installation of the detector)

According to the French Ministry of Housing, at the moment, only 2% of homes in France are equipped with a fire alarm. Compared with 98% in Norway and 89% in England, this figure seems to be extremely small. Every year in France over 800 people die in fires, but the Ministry believes that this figure will be considerably reduced if smoke detectors are installed in every property.

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