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Sales transactions are rising again

Sales transactions are rising again The number of transactions increases month after month. As for new development, the property developers are getting their smile back, from January to September the sales in the new buildings are un plus 18% compared to 2014.

The tax system “Pinel” that celebrated its 1 year in September, replacing the system “Duflot”, boosted investor’s moral (62% year-on-year growth). This improvment is not translated yet into a launching of new constructions, developers preferring to sell their stock first. The number of building permits has, indeed, stoped to decline recently, the same as launching of constructions.

Interest rates have reached the floor price After reaching the low point earlier this year, interest rates have risen very slightly during the summer period (average rate to 2.21% in September).

Prices for existing homes remained stable (less 1% over 1 year) on the entire French territory.

The most expensive private residence in the world One particular of the Middle East acquired for € 275 million a castle style 17th built in 2011 in Louveciennes in the Yvelines.

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